About the Ultimate Productivity Profile

Legendary Coach John Wooden's thoughts on Ultimate ProductivityThe Ultimate Productivity Profile is a cutting edge tool designed to help business leaders understand and maximize the unique talents, traits and temperaments of their people. You may have the most dedicated and hardworking people in the world, but if you don’t understand their productivity, strengths and weaknesses, your organization will fail to perform at the highest level. Once you understand the hot buttons to create maximum motivation, communication and implementation with each of your people, the natural result will be Ultimate Productivity.

The Ultimate Productivity Profile tool will give you the missing knowledge you need to determine what makes your personnel tick and how they can be best utilized within the context of your overall organizational goals. Just like when you go to a top-rated restaurant for a great dining experience, there will be many menu selections. There are no right or wrong selections, but if your waiter or waitress fails to understand your unique preferences, you will fail to experience all that restaurant has to offer.

For centuries, management has attempted to create a productive environment by forcing individuals into roles utilizing motivation, communication and implementation traits that do not fit that individual. Subtle alterations that will come from a deeper insight into your people will give your organization quantum leaps ahead and Ultimate Productivity.

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