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Ultimate Productivity by bestselling author, Jim Stovall, with a compelling foreword and great insight from Steve Forbes, ushers in the latest, cutting edge tool that will be a must for every organization wanting to keep pace, grow profits, and experience Ultimate Productivity.  Endorsed by Ken Blanchard, Dr. Denis Waitley, Steve Forbes, and legendary coach John Wooden.

Ultimate Productivity is now available in bookstores!

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Ultimate Productivity Preview Video

Jim Stovall introduces the Ultimate Productivity book to viewers.  Click Here to watch the brief video.


100 Worst Bosses:  Learning from the Very Worst How to be Your Very Best

A great boss provides leadership, direction, critique, and a positive example which allows each employee to fulfill their potential while serving the organization. A bad boss would be one who fails in at least one of these areas, but to be immortalized as one of the worst bosses, you’ve got to create an environment so toxic that none of these elements are present or they are overshadowed by the deficiencies to such an extent that employees are unable to approach their potential or even function. In 100 Worst Bosses, Jim Stovall will show you how to learn from the very worst how to be your very best.