Praise for Ultimate Productivity

In Ultimate Productivity, Jim Stovall strikes at the heart of success and failure for all of us individually and as a society.  Natural and human resources abound, but how we harness them to create our own personal success is determined by our ingenuity and productivity.  In this book, you will learn how to maximize your own productivity by discovering and releasing your core strengths in the critical areas of motivation, communication, and implementation.
~ Steve Forbes, President and CEO Forbes, Inc. From the foreword of Ultimate Productivity


…to be successful… motivation, communication, and implementation are imperative, but you must work with each player and every team differently.  Some players are motivated by a pat on the back. Other players need their pat a little lower and a bit harder.  Some players need verbal communication, and others have to see a diagram of the play drawn out on a board.  Some players implement best with long, rigorous practices while others need several sessions a day.

~ Coach John Wooden, former coach of UCLA Basketball, excerpt from Ultimate Productivity


 For twenty years I have watched my friend, Jim Stovall, climb to the very top and turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone to the stars.  I agree with Steve Forbes that Jim is one of the greatest examples of converting adversity into triumph in modern times.  This new book peels away all the fluff and fad stuff and goes right to the core of authentic life achievement.  If you can handle the truth, read and internalize the wisdom, and you will realize fulfillment and success.

~ Dr. Denis Waitley, author The Seeds of Greatness


Jim Stovall has once again created a masterwork that will inspire and benefit everyone who reads it.  Ultimate Productivity is full of common sense we can all use to motivate ourselves as well as others in both our personal and professional lives.  Jim’s entertaining anecdotes and analogies offer great examples to encourage us and help us realize that if we pursue our passion, we can achieve success.  If you’re in search of inspiration, you won’t be able to put this book down.

~ Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager and Know Can Do!