About Ultimate Productivity

Ken Blanchard Quote about Ultimate ProductivityThe Ultimate Productivity Assessment provides you and your organization with insights, success and productivity that have never before been available in the corporate world.

  • Next Generation Tool: The Ultimate Productivity Assessment, unlike all other development tools, does not attempt to give your employees information. Instead the Ultimate Productivity Profile gets information from your employees that will allow management to mold your unique team into a united force that will generate Ultimate Productivity. Management will mine and extract the hidden information locked away inside your employees that has never before been available.
  • Cost Effective: In addition to a low per person cost, Ultimate Productivity recognizes that unlike previous generations of corporate training, Ultimate Productivity does not require your people to miss hours, days or weeks of work. The greatest cost in training your people traditionally has been the expense of not having your people working while they are being trained. Ultimate Productivity Profile can be completed in a few minutes on-line 24/7.
  • Improved Organizational Image: The best organizations are those that are perceived to seek and utilize input from employees. In a non-threatening environment, the Ultimate Productivity Profile will evaluate each of your personnel. Employees are energized because management is asking for their input, they don’t miss work knowing they will have to catch up later and the assessment tool is non-threatening and affirming to each individual.
  • 24/7 Tool: Ultimate Productivity allows personnel to utilize the profile tool any time day or night without disruption to their work schedule. Management can access the customized video modules 24/7 to learn how to best utilize each staff member’s motivational, communicational and implementational styles for Ultimate Productivity. The Ultimate Productivity faculty is available via email or phone 24/7 to assist management in implementing the results of the profile tool and training.
  • Recruitment & Retention tool: The Ultimate Productivity Assessment is vital not only in managing your current team, but in evaluating potential new hires to make sure they are the right people in the right place to fit into your organization’s Ultimate Productivity. The best people want to join organizations and stay with teams where they are fully understood, totally utilized and where they help to generate Ultimate Productivity.