Excerpts from Ultimate Productivity

Productivity is probably one of the most misunderstood elements of success. The word productive means “to generate results.” Here are some thoughts and questions to consider as you define and implement your Ultimate Productivity.

excerpt from Ultimate Productivity:

      1. Is this task really something that I want to accomplish, or am I confusing activity with productivity?
      2. What is the perceived benefit if I accomplish this task, and is there a better way to derive the same benefit another way?
      3. Do I have all of the information I can get in order to make the best decisions possible, or will more information become available later?
      4. What people can help me complete this task, and can they be working at the same time I am working, therefore giving us simultaneous effort?
      5. Are there steps that must be taken now or opportunities will be lost?
      6. Has anyone else already completed this task, or is there anyone who is already in progress that we could combine with?
      7. Are there ways to invest our time, effort, energy, and resources that will bring us more of the desired result than this activity?
      8. Are there other activities or initiatives we can combine with this one to magnify or multiply the results or benefits?


“Be quick, but don’t hurry” ~ Coach John Wooden, excerpt from Ultimate Productivity

Being quick means moving efficiently and under control toward your destination. Hurrying means being out of control and running with reckless abandon.


“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

~ Coach John Wooden


“Never take advice from anyone who doesn’t already have what you want”

~ Jim Stovall, author Ultimate Productivity


“Yesterday is a canceled check, and tomorrow is little more than a promissory note.

Today is cash. It is real, it is tangible, and you and I have to spend it wisely.”

~ Jim Stovall, author Ultimate Productivity

“In the final analysis, we cannot be judged in comparison to anyone or anything

but only in the reflection of our individualized mirror that reveals our potential.”

~ Steve Forbes, excerpt from Ultimate Productivity

 “In order to be truly successful, we must achieve a daily balance of the things that are important to us with respect to our life priorities. Whether it’s exercise, study, diet, or family time, it is much more critical what you do on a daily basis than how you structure your month or your year. ”

Jim Stovall, author Ultimate Productivity


“Think about your life and your schedule. What do you enjoy doing most, and what creates the most value? Do those things, and use some of your money to invest in buying back more time.

In the final analysis, time is all we have.”

Jim Stovall, author Ultimate Productivity


 “Only by accepting full responsibility for your past,

which has resulted in your present,

can you then take control of your actions today

and create a successful tomorrow.’

Jim Stovall, author Ultimate Productivity


“More people fail, not because they are unable to reach their goals, but because they have wrongly defined both their goals and the meaning of success.”

Jim Stovall, author Ultimate Productivity


“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.”

~ Coach John Wooden


“The essence of the American dream is the understanding that we are here on this earth and in this land for a higher purpose: to discover-and develop to the fullest-our God-given potential. Anything that stands in the way of the dream, we must fight. Anything that enhances the dream, we must support.”

~ Steve Forbes






These quotes may be copied or reprinted, with attribution given to Jim Stovall, author of Ultimate Productivity, www.ultimateproductivity.com.