Testimonials and Feedback

Ultimate Thanks
“I just wanted to say thanks for coming out with this amazing book.  I’m so enthused about life and love sharing it with those around me.” ~ Stephen K.


Ultimate Inspiration

“I’ve been telling my friends about your book and also my whole church.  On a practical level, your book has been the best book I’ve read.  I’m buying all of your books.  You are such an inspiration to me.

Anyway, I’ve got myself into a financial mess and need to get out.  I’m brainstorming and your book has helped me a  great deal.”  ~ Peter A.


Ultimate Motivation

“I finished your book this past weekend and found it an easy read, and enjoyable.  There were several nuggets that I saved and I hope to implement in the next level of my career, that I hope includes management.

The survey certainly framed why I am so dissatisfied in my present position, and what motivates me.  My personal issue at this time is finding my passion and pursuing it in a way that earns my living.  I look forward to applying what I learned from you at the earliest opportunity.”  ~ Pascal M.

Ultimate Productivity’s Impact Around the World

“I’m from Malaysia and work as a sales rep in a bank.  Im using your book to gear me up for 2010.  I’ve been in the banking business for almost 6 years and had no idea what I wanted in life.  As you mentioned, every individual is unique and has their own path to success.  I’m glad that I came across your book.”  ~ Collin D., Malaysia


Ultimate Productivity to be Released in Asia

“…The Ultimate Productivity test really showed my strengths and weaknesses.  It confirmed to me why I recently quit my full-time job to stay at home as a freelance writer / editor.  I’ve given the book to my 22-year-old son.  He’s struggling to know direction for his life right now.  I thought this would be an excellent tool for him.”  ~ Carol W.

Ultimate Workflow

“We are finishing up the book study…in a basic leadership meeting we are planning on working on a ‘workflow’ revamp and feel that the study in productivity will lead us directly into this new project.”  ~ Beverly R., Tulsa Technology Center

Ultimate Productivity Reaches All Ages

“I’m disabled, age 64 and no longer work.  I heard about the test while listening to the radio and took the test on a lark to see what my previous employers might have seen had they hired you to test me.  Its an excellent test, and it gave me pause for some introspection.  Thank you, and good luck from a long-time admirer.”  ~ H. Perez

Ultimate Productivity Spans Cultures

“…Jim Stovall’s latest book is excellent, and reading it has made me realize yet again how far I still am from being ultimately productive myself.  My personal goal for next year is to reduce the time I spend ‘faffing’ on admin and concentrate on the important stuff!”  ~ E. Handover, Intrapersonal KK, Japan


Ultimate Feedback

“I’ve shared your book with friends and family.  One friend in particular said it was the perfect book with the right message at the perfect time.  He sincerely believes it will make a difference in his business life.  It was wonderful to see the positive impact your book made and getting his incredible feedback.”  ~ Denise R.


Ultimate Thank You

“…I got rave reviews from the group.  I would love to have you speak to a larger audience here at Altus Air Force Base.”  ~ Paula W.

Universities Utilize Ultimate Productivity

“I wanted to let you know how great I think your book is, and how helpful it has been in finding out strong and weak points and pursuing success with a different perspective!  Thanks again.  It has been a great semester at school and your book was certainly helpful.”  ~ Melanie F, UA

Ultimate Interviewing Strategies Pay Off

“I took the report your survey provided with me to an interview recently…I found the information handy to have for reference.  It helped bring me up to speed about where my true values reside.  Thanks again!”  ~ Jeff J.


Ultimate Productivity Impacts Teen

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to read your book, Ultimate Productivity, and take the Ultimate Productivity test.

I was in the library looking through the business books when I spotted Ultimate Productivity.  It looked like a quick read, so I picked it up.  I read your book in about three days and I learned quite a few things.  You might be surprised that I’m only 15 years old, but I love reading about business.  It’s great to hear about people making loads of money, and how I can too.  But what I love the most is the fact that business books contain more than just the knowledge essential to success in the business world, they contain the knowledge, values, and common sense attributed to success in life.  I realized that success in business cannot be achieved without success in life.”  ~ Chris H.


Ultimate Productivity Makes Inroads in Higher Education

“…I thoroughly enjoyed Ultimate Productivity and felt as though I learned a lot about myself.  I think the best thing about it is that it is a highly personal book.  Approaching success as a path, rather than a specialized process has become crucial to my understanding of productivity.  …overall, I’d give your book an A….”  ~ C. Dowell, Baylor University


Ultimate Productivity Impacts Corporate America

“…I have just finished reading your new book for the second time and I have found it even more fascinating than I did the first read.  I leave it lying here on my desk at work and it causes quite a stir.  People can’t seem to keep their hands off of it.  What strikes me as most amazing is that I have caught several of them slipping gin and reading a chapter from time to time.  What is even more amazing it has remained on my desk and not disappeared, a testament to the character of the people I work with.I would really appreciate it if you would allow me to order 10 autographed copies for some of my management co-workers here at QT.”  ~ S. Finn, QuikTrip Corporation